Gcse statistics coursework mayfield

gcse statistics coursework mayfield
  1. Maths Statistics Coursework - Mayfield School Data - GCSE Maths - Marked by gnosversrala.ga
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GCSE Statistics Edexcel June 2014 (complete paper)

I will pick the samples out by using the random formula which is When I put the number in I had to minus one away and then add one back on. However, as I wanted a couple of samples for the same year and same gender, I kept on pressing F9 until I got the random amounts of students I needed. Below are all my samples which I have gathered by using the random formula The table below shows the IQ and KS2 results of each student that was selected.

This is all the necessary data that is needed.

Maths Statistics Coursework - Mayfield School Data - GCSE Maths - Marked by gnosversrala.ga

However I have not noted which students are from which years to make sure it is not biased in any way. From my samples I am going to create a graph. I have decided to do a scatter graph because; it will make it easier for me to see if my hypothesis is correct. It will make it easier for me see this, as all my points will be plotted on the graph and therefore it will give me a better understanding of my results and also a clear view of my correlation line.

Below is my graph From the graph you can see that my hypothesis is correct.

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This is because as the IQ results are going higher, so are the KS2 results going higher. I think this because, the clever you are, the more intelligent you are, as you know many things and you can gain more marks. However, from the graph you can see that there is a strong positive correlation. We can see this because, as the KS2 results are going higher, the IQ goes higher too. For example, a student who has a low KS2 result, such as, a level 3, they have a low IQ.

However, if you look at the graph, a student who has got a level 5 for English, Maths and Science has got the highest IQ.

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This therefore, shows that my data is not reliable, as my points would not be close together. I know this because the number that I got when working out my standard deviation, it was, 7. This show that my results for my Y data is reliable, as my standard deviation answer was, 3.

As the two numbers are close, this therefore proves that my data is reliable. I will work this out by using the table on the sixth page.

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I will work this out by using the following formula From working out the standard deviation, I have concluded that my regression line has no correlation. This is because my end result which I got after working out the standard deviation my regression line was 0.

However, I am able to tell that my regression line is a positive because it is not a negative number. This shows that my hypothesis was correct, but it was not strongly proved, as my regression line was not a perfect correlation.

Gcse Maths Statistics Coursework Mayfield – 883064

Overall, from the whole hypothesis I found that the higher the IQ results a student has and more likely they are going to have a higher KS2 result too. You are able to see this on my graph earlier in the work. This therefore proves my hypothesis to be correct. Mayfield High School Maths Coursework. Accessed October 18, This investigation is gcse statistics coursework mayfield high based. Check out the details below The compare contrast beowulf superman essay Pronouns - A Collection of gcse statistics coursework mayfield high Forty Dance for essay on shareholders the Dancers, Jackson Mac Low Lines of Our Lives, Margaret Cotter,.

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