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  1. Service quality and delivery in banking services—An Indian perspective
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In conclusion, this study suggests that policy-makers as well as airline and airport management need to take workable measures to improve upon air service quality. It is important for air service providers to recognize the importance of customer satisfaction; as such satisfaction may be the pillar for business continuation in Kiribati. Air Kiribati as well as airport managers must identify and improve upon factors that could limit or prevent customer defection to alternative transport modes. These factors may include employee performance and professionalism, willingness to solve problems, friendliness, and level of knowledge, communication skills and selling skills, among others.

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The research undertaken in this study was deemed necessary, given that service delivery by South African municipalities is widely considered to be lacking in various areas. The research was conducted against the backdrop of the White Paper on Local Government that calls for the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner.

The study follows a descriptive research design approach. The literature review comprised published research relating to service quality and service quality models. The literature review provides information on service quality from the perspective of general service industries, as well as an overview of the current South African local spheres of government.

Service quality and delivery in banking services—An Indian perspective

The outcomes of the literature review served to provide the theoretical framework for the empirical study. A questionnaire survey was utilised to gather the required data for the empirical portion of this study. Residents of the Emfuleni Local Municipality formed the sampling frame of this study. Self-administered questionnaires using the mall-intercept survey method were employed as the data collection method. Using customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. This study will examine the relationship between customer service quality delivery and the level of customer satisfaction.

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Dissertation / Master's Thesis

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Understanding and improving customer service delivery using big data analytics Companies are realizing the importance of analytics in improving service delivery. Investigating customer service features that help in customer retention The main objectives of companies in marketing are to attract new customers and doing whatever possible to make sure that those customers continue using their services.