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Examples of Personal Statements From Actual Doctors Who Matched Into Their Chosen Specialty
  1. Writing Personal Statements for Health Science Professionals-RBHS: Medical Residency
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Writing Personal Statements for Health Science Professionals-RBHS: Medical Residency

What special skills or traits do you have to offer? What makes you unique? What sets you apart from other applicants?

Program Director Insights: #4 Personal Statement

DO be honest. DO proofread, proofread, and then proofread a little more! A clean, well written personal statement shows attentiveness and good language skills, which are especially important to demonstrate if English is not your first language. The personal statement is the only place in your application where you can showcase your writing skills. A poorly written personal statement may cause a program to reject your application.

DO show your personal statement to others for their opinions and proofreading, not for their rewrites. It is good to reach out to friends and colleagues for advice on your personal statement, especially those in residency positions in the United States or native English speakers. However, these individuals should not be writing this for you. This is about you, and you know yourself best. DO keep to one page in length. Programs do not want to dig for important points in a lengthy document. Limiting yourself to one page will help you keep your points clear, concise, and readable.

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DO talk about your future goals, and make these goals realistic and attainable. Residency is a big investment, both for you and the program.

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  8. Show programs that you have drive beyond moving to the United States and that their investment in you will be well spent. This means that you should not copy language from any source, including the Internet, for use in your personal statement. Samples of published personal statements are found on the Internet. Although these samples may be used to assist you in writing your own personal statement, your personal statement is meant to be your original work; copying any portion of the published language and representing it as your own is plagiarism.

    Not only is this a waste of money, but it may make your personal statement read as through it were created using a template. It may also lead to an investigation of plagiarism, if that service uses the same language in multiple statements. Most importantly, as mentioned already, this document is about you, and you should be the one writing it.

    The credibility of your personal statement will be greatly affected by having someone else write it for you.

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    The person best qualified to talk about you is you. Let your CV talk about your accomplishments for you. Though past accomplishments are important, the personal statement is an opportunity for you to convey who you are and why you are applying to residency. These topics are not openly discussed in most U. Though many job applications may ask for this information in a cover letter, this is not something you should discuss when applying to U.

    GME, since salary for training programs is predetermined. The interview day begins at approximately a. There is an optional dinner with residents on the evening prior to the interview day which we encourage applicants to attend if possible. We provide hotel accommodations in uptown Charlotte at a highly-discounted rate for applicants on the night before the interview. Hotel reservation information will be included in the interview invitation email.

    Professional Internal Medicine Personal Statement Examples

    You will be invited to an informal dinner with several residents the night prior to your interview. This is a casual gathering for applicants and their significant others. You will be notified by email prior to your interview regarding timing, location and directions. Absolutely not. We are happy to arrange them on request, but they are not in any way a prerequisite.

    Internal Medicine Resident Applying and Interviewing

    We do not currently have any residents in the program that are International Medical Graduates. We will review applications from International Graduates who meet all the following four criteria: [no exceptions here]. Address: P. Medical Education. Application Information. Do you require a letter from the Chair of Internal Medicine?

    internal medicine personal statement #2

    Do all of my letters of recommendation need to be from internists? Is there a maximum number of letters of recommendation you will accept? How will I be notified if I am offered an interview?

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    How are interview dates assigned? What is the approximate schedule for the interview day? Do you provide overnight housing for interviews? Is there a dinner the night before my interview? Do I need to do a "Second Look" Interview to be favorably considered?