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History of Art | University of Oxford

Stylistic and Organizational Concerns You should include a clearly demarcated introduction and conclusion. In the conclusion, you should endeavor to assess what has been learned during the course of your essay. Do not simply repeat what was stated in your introduction. You might suggest areas of further research or ruminate over what issues remain to be resolved, but you should not merely summarize what is contained in the body of your text.

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For the sake of clarity and coherence, it is recommended that you divide your essay into clearly defined sections or sub-headings. These act as guide-posts for the reader. At the end of each section, you should summarize the point of this section and attempt to transition smoothly to the next one. Your essay should be organized around a central question or governing idea. Each section should further the goal of answering this question or providing necessary context for exploring your thesis.

Most likely, you have never written an essay of this length, but this does not mean simply adding superfluous material. This means, above all, that you endeavor for clarity in your writing. However, you should also have an eye toward varied sentence lengths, precise though interesting word choice, and an overall professional authorial voice. Quotations should be introduced and integrated into your argument. You should make it clear who is making the argument. Your title should not have quotation marks nor should it be underlined or italicized.

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Only published articles and books have quotation marks and are underlined or italicized. See Prof.

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Essay on Art Criticism and Art History

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